Sunday, April 1, 2012

Distro Items On The Way

-Plutocracy- "Off The Pigs" LP $12
-Spazz/Hirax split 7" $10
-Curtainrail- "To Be With You" LP (white) $6
-97a- "Abandoned Future" LP $9
-Das Oath- "Korper Kultur" 10" $15
-Fuck On The Beach/Ruido split 7" $6
-Crucial Unit- "Premium Iced Tea" 7" $6


Tacoma, WA's Sidetracked deliver 12 quick bursts of brutality. Typically known
for being chaotic, on this release they put some focus musically on the more
primitive side of grindcore ala Napalm Death's "Scum" while vocally keeping
things rooted in hardcore. Plus a killer Nasum cover. (RTTCR-011)

Press Info/Prices:
500 total copies
-100 limited mail-order copies with red sleeve on red wax $5
-100 on green $4.20
-100 on clear $4.20
-200 on black (sold out)

Wholesale Rates: (except red wax)
-$3.00ea (3 copy minimum)