Friday, September 14, 2012

Out Now: NO///se'- "Self Titled" LP

-NO///se'- "Self Titled" LP
California kidz big wave mentality. Wanna be another rat in the pack?
This isn't your little brother's snooze-tunes borecore- this is true
aural offering in the one Church of Rock N' Roll. Take a combination
of feral street urchin (Cockney Rejects [just "Best Vol. 1"]) and a
bit of Scandinavian treble n' gain and you've got all hook all bite.
It's just the sound Jim Marshall built 200 watts for. Spend a decade
with your tongue in a fan gargaling gravel and you couldn't have cut
your teeth so precise as the NO///se sound. For fans of bands like
The Marked Men, The Spits, Red Dons...etc. Includes download.

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