Saturday, June 30, 2012


-Agathocles/Maximum Thrash "split" 7" $5 (first come first serve on color)
Belgium's mince monsters tag team with Indonesian thrashers for this 11 track piece of unholy wax. Agathocles offer up 5 old/unreleased recordings of classic mincecore with a bit more of an early powerviolence feel. Maximum Thrash kick out 6 new jams in about 5min, also representing the powerviolence. Limited to 300 copies. (100-yellow/puke + 200/black) International Co-Release.

New Distro Items:

-Weekend Nachos/Lack Of Interest "split" 7" $4
-Sidetracked/Self Inflicted "split" 7" $4
-Cyborg- "S/T" 7" $4
-Skarp- "Bury Your Dead" LP (picture disc) $10
-Break Anchor- "Black Hearts And Blackouts" 7" $5
-Get Destroyed- "Burnt Offerings" 7" $5